• Today’s Demands on IT Leaders

What makes a great IT Leader? Today’s IT Leader is not anymore the typical Leader of the Information Technology Department within an organization.  Today’s IT Leader is also a Business Leader. 

“Successful leaders are able to look out, across, and beyond the organization. They have a talent for seeing and creating the future. They use highly visual language that paints pictures of the future for those they lead. As a result, they seem to attain bigger goals because they create a collective mindset that propels people to help them make their vision a reality.” ~ Gallup Management Journal

Many demands are put on today’s Business IT Leader, like …

  • … Do More.
  • … Do it Smarter, Faster and Better.
  • … Be more of a Business Information Officer.
  • … Enterprise Integration must be Interoperable.
  • … Consolidate Resources to Manage Complexity.
  • … Reduce Costs.
  • … Plan to Innovate.
  • … Execute Perfectly.
  • In today’s Global Economy the perfect balance between Efficiency and Responsiveness must be found in order to compete successfully. Often in a fast changing business world Responsiveness triumphs over Efficiency to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

    (c) by Oliver Schmid

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      2010/08/30 at 9:50 am

      Awesome website I enjoyed reading your info

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