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6 Weeks With The Apple iPad

Behold the iPad in All Its Glory.

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It has been approximately 6 weeks since I acquired my new Apple iPad. During this week I have developed a love-hate relationship with my new 16GB WiFi-only iPad. I love my iPad for its simplicity and easiness of use. I can access my emails, I can write emails from any of my 4 email accounts and am able to access the World Wide Web anywhere where I have WiFi access. I found a great free App that lets me track my hours and expenses easily while on the road or in the air visiting clients. It is easy to carry around and does not weigh much. The battery lasts forever (around 10 hours)

BUT and as you can see this is a BIG    B U T …

… it does not replace my PC laptop and probably will not in the near future.

When I purchased the iPad I was aware that it does not display any flash enabled websites or play any flash videos. I thought I could live with it, but I learned very soon that there are too many sites out there that are flash based. The Apple browser Safari has too many short comings and I eventually downloaded Skyfire, which by the way per claim of its website, can show/play flash sites by converting it to HTML5. Based on my experience that is flat out a lie.

Since I am using Social Media site like Twitter and Facebook a lot I decided to download respective apps in order not to have launching a browser and navigate to the site. Unfortunately did I learn very fast that these apps (of which some are native iPhone or iPod apps) have many short comings and only support a fraction of the features one may find on the respective web site. Some of these apps even have a tendency to crash frequently, especially when following a weblink within the app. TweetDeck (a Twitter app) is very notorious for this. Especially if the iPad has been in use for a while between reboots/resets. I also found out that some HTML5 called through a link in TweetDeck will never launch but crash TweetDeck.

Over the past 6 weeks I think I have been rebooting my iPad and/or restarting apps more than I have to do on my Dell Latitude D630 and D820.

Also the WiFi antenna within the iPad has a very poor performance. I ran a comparison between my laptop PCs and the iPad WiFi connectivity and I learned that the WiFi on my PC laptops is much better. Not only is my laptop able to find more WiFi connections, but it also maintains the connection a lot better than my iPad. It happens quite frequently that Safari or Skyfire pop up with the message that the Domain cannot be found while I am simultaneously accessing the same website/domain on my PC laptop. The weirdest or strangest of all is that while not being able to connect to a website/domain the WiFi signal indicator displays maximum signal strength while my laptops may display less signal strength but are still connected or able to browse a site.

Another issue I have is that I am not able to keep multiple Windows open at the same time but have to close one Window or App before opening another one. Not having a USB port or a camera does not help it either.

At the moment I am not sure what to do. Live with all the short comings, sell my iPad and switch to another tablet either Android or Blackberry based. Maybe I should even switch to a WINDOWS 7 based tablet, but then again why put all your eggs in one nest.

I think there have been more times I wanted to take the iPad and throw it out the Window than I ever had with anyWINDOWS based computer (not even back when Windows 95 or 98 was around).

One thing I can say: Spending almost $500 on this iPad was a waste of money!  … or ….  maybe it was not ?

As I said I love it and I hate it at the same time!

And before I forget it completely, the iPad has another very annoying problem. At times it becomes very sluggish. This can happen while within an App or while typing. At times I am already 3 or 4 words ahead before my screen catches up with what I am typing. Sometimes navigating within an App slows down to a standstill and there have been times I needed to restart the iPad because an App become unresponsive.

Please share your iPad experience with me in the comment section of this post. I’d love to learn what other people have to say about the iPad or there for any tablet device. No matter whether Apple, Android, RIM or WINDOWS based. Please let me know how you feel about it.

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6 weeks ago I did not even know how to spell Twitter and today Twitter has taken over my life. OK, I admit I knew how twitter_logo (1) to spell Twitter and I had a general idea about what it is, but never realized its full potential until recently.
Even when I started out with Twitter and I did not have really any followers, for the first couple of weeks I was almost becoming a Quitter. Btw – Followers are the people that watch every thought that manifests itself in the mind of a person they follow or watch, in Tweets or Twitter messages.

Somehow, something in my mind convinced me that there must be more to it than what I experienced at first, which basically were people just posting, or “Tweeting” as it is called in the Twitter world, a bunch of nonsense. At least what I considered nonsense. Why would I want to know that you are on your way to a local coffee shop to get a Coffee Latte. Why do I care that you just turned in 7 books. Btw – where did you turn these 7 books into? Or another person telling everybody he hates to wake up and throws a question out there how other people wake up. I even wonder whether he ever received a response on his quest for knowledge about the science of waking up.
The whole thing at first did not make sense to me. Also the standard Twitter web interface did not make things a lot easier, especially when watching the public time line.
There must be more to it, I thought. Millions of people can be that off. I started to google Twitter to see what else there was to it and I came across a tool/website called Twittervision and if you would like to learn more about what Twittervision is all about visit the Blog of a John Wilson in the UK.

Twittervision, with its random pop-up of tweets from the public time-line and seeing what people or Tweeples all across the globe had to say was mesmerising. OK, most of the stuff that came up was still just random blabber but I saw also some very valuable tweets popping up. The disadvantage was that these tweets popped up and disappeared so fast that most of the time I could not read the whole content or even memorize some of it.

There had to be a better away to get access to some valuable Tweets. Now, in order to see tweets in your own time line one must follow another person, which can be done by just clicking on their name in the tweets and then select “Follow”.  All Tweet Names start with the ‘@’ sign and then a name or nickname (e.g. mine is @oliverschmid).

Still the Twitter Website with your own timeline was OK for the start but eventually did not prove not to be the best when you follow a bunch of Tweeters, especially if they tweet a lot. One Tweeple suggest to me various stand-alone applications to follow monitor your followers in more real time and in an easier way. The one application that has been sofar my favorite is TweetDeck.

First I spend an hour here and there on Twitter, but eventually and without consciously realizing it I spent hours and hours on Twitter, following Tweeples or as I call them Twittizen (from citizen). I started to follow people that had more my interests and share information that are valuable to me and unfollowed people that just did not provide any valuable input (at least not valuable for me) at all. I learned that there were Twitter Bots out there that send out scheduled tweets with the same content over and over again and I unfollowed these Bots next.

Now having been on Twitter for about 6 weeks it seems I am almost addicted to it. Everytime TweetDeck announces with its tweeting sound that there is a tweet from one of the people I follow I drop everything just to see what this person had to tweet about.  Twitter has taking over my life and it is exciting and scary at the same time.

Last night, or better this morning, it was after 1 am and I was tweeing most of the day and all evening already, @BommerRadioFM was talking about how addictive Tweeting had become to him, while another Twittizen in Germanycartoon_addiction announce that somebody in Munich had the swine flu. And I thought to myself at that moment that Twitter is like a virus. Once it hits you, you get the Twitter Flu. Of course no the advantages of Twitter came to light. I could spread that thought to 9 Million Twittizens across the world and@BommerRadioFM came up right away with a way how to diagnose the Twitter Flu and its associated symptons (btw the Twitter Flu is not fatal … at least not yet). These symptons are no sleep, zombie like appearance, drooling, etc. and it is expected to infect nearly 20 Million people by the end of June 2009.

But lets get serious again. Twitter has a great potential as marketing tool for many organizations. It’s potential of reaching the world with news and marketing campaigns in a never seen speed, even faster than  TV and Radio, at NO COST (Yes Twitter is free and I hope we can keep it this way) is outrageous. I believe we have not seen the best of it yet and once the Twitter hype, that attracts every high school kid with its IPhone, is over its real potential will come to light. I think I read somewhere that this hype is already coming to an end and that more more mature people are joining Twitter than kids. Kids like to spread the word about what they are doing at any given second of their life but they also need the immediate feedback and gratification of their actions and that is not something they necessarily get at Twitter, since Twitter does not lend itself to address a single person very easily. These kids will stay with SMS and chat rooms that  attract a smaller but more targeted audience.

At this time I would like to mention a few fellow Twittizens that really helped me to make my Twitter experience a positive one by providing valuable help and Tweets with great content. I recommend to follow the following Twittizens and tweeting groups:

@Jason_Pollock / @mashable /@ryanfellman /@WSB_TV / @BoomerRadioFM / @Buchautor / @cesarmillan (yes the dog whisperer is also on Twitter) / @DeAnnLR (with her great music blips from / @FreedomCoach / @Jack (one of the founders of Twitter) and many many more … just to may to list all here.

I will keep this post updated with my thoughts and my daily experiences on Twitter, but I would like everybody to chime in and to comment on their experiences with Twitter and what tweeting means to them and has done for them, good or bad – positiv or negativ. And please let’s keep it real.