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Mankind most valuable and important lost skill – Common Sense !

A hungry man with a retriever dog and a hungry man all by himself are standing on the side of a very busy road. On the other side of the road, on top of a table is a juicy nice big steak. A couple of hundred yards down this street is an under-path, allowing for a safe crossing to the other side of the road.

While the man without the dog walks towards this crossing, the dog handler evaluates the situation and waits for, what he thinks, the right moment to release the dog to retrieve the steak for him so he can get the steak first. By the way, traffic is still very heavy.

Now what are the chances for the dog to make it safely across the busy highway? I would say less than 50:50. However, what are the chances for the other man to cross safely and get to the steak. 100%! Yes, he may get there a little later but he gets there safely, while the dog may have been killed or hurt in the process.

The handler now can blame the dog, saying the dog was not fast enough, where by the dog can blame the handler telling him to go to retrieve the steak.
The lonely man can only blame himself if he should not get to the steak first by either being faster or finding an alternative method, including abandoning the steak altogether and waiting for another better opportunity to come along.

Is this sounding familiar to you? Are we becoming more like the dog and the handler by abandoning responsibility in favor of convenience not having to make a decision or being accountable of our actions?

Isn’t the handler today’s analyst or advisor (business, economical, personal) and aren’t the ones trusting these group of people today’s dogs?

I admit, in some peoples eyes I may be describing and seeing the situation to extreme, and in no way did I intend to single out and be negative towards the “handler” group of people. Rather I would like to challenge everybody to think about to what we have become and what our future may look like if we continue this path and rather blame somebody else than ourselves for some of our failures.

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