Dacula, GA – May 12, 2009

Today I received two emails for a job. The content of theses two emails as almost indentical. One offered me a job with a pay of $1,900/week and the other one with a pay of $60/hr.

Both emails started out with: 

Hi, . I tried to reach you a month ago, but I believe that you e-mail address was misspelled.

First indicator for fraud/spam two emails with the same beginning from two different email addresses using a hotmail account. Then the spelling Hi,. makes it questionable. Next indicator that they tried to reach me a month ago and following up just now? And this in todays job market — something stinks fishy. If my email address was misspelled one month ago, where did they get all of sudden my correct email address from?
Hi, . I tried to reach you a month ago, but I believe that you e-mail address was misspelled.

We have one vacancy opened. Part-time; $3,800.00 + Benefits; flexible hours; Monday to Friday. Please, provide your updatedinfo with contact details. I need Your contact name, phone number and the most comfortable time for call.

Hey exciting the $1,900/week or $60/hr became all of sudden a $3,800 job. I love it.  If this is no indication for spam then I don’t know what is. Also, misspellings again, bad grammar, puntuation.

But then … Email one had this line:

Send direct e-mail to – amanda.barton72@googlemail.com

and email two had this line:

Send direct e-mail to – william.walker9@googlemail.com

What’s wrong here. The email came from a hotmail account but wants a response to a googlemail account and I don’t even go into the recipients names.

Watch out! Don’t get scammed!!!


Dacula, GA – April 27, 2009

This one arrived today in my email inbox and it also just screams FRAUD / SCAM !!!!

It was sent by: Gorni Knickerbocker [gorniknickerbocker1950@hotmail.com] — AGAIN – A generic email address domain

Phone: +1 (559) 761-0618 , Fax +1 (559) 340-6554

Money Manager Assistant (part-time vacancy; Work at home, ; 2000 usd / month):

We value your response back regarding the open vacancy Insurance Company is offering. We’re currently seeking motivated and responsible individuals to attend the post of a ‘Work at home Money Transfer Assitant’. This remote position itself covers a broad range of directions an individual would have to perform. It’s a part time position, which let’s you perform your duties directly from your home location. In the nearest future, we’re planning to achieve the expansion of our company throughout the United States of America and United Kingdom, providing local offices and departments in the vast areas, where logistic and insurance services are definitely in demand. Until then, we’re trying to fill in our personnel with new individuals, which will increase the efficiency of the services we’re catering. If you wish to apply or have any questions regarding the position, feel free to contact me back either via e-mail. Hope to hear from you soon.

In order to reduce the corporate overhead, we’ve implemented the thrift solution of disseminating bases of control over certain regions of the United States of America. It provides a great opportunity for beginners to participate in the standard operations of the future subsidiary departments. Besides the expansion project, the upcoming regional accountants are expected to learn a great deal about different realms of the insurance market mainly through digesting the experience gained from the large scale practical assignments.

1) This is part time work at home position and can easily combine this vacancy with any other work.
2) The fixed salary is 2000 USD a month + 5% instantly from each payment processed by you.
3) You will receive payments (Direct Bank Deposits and wire transfers)I doubt you will see Bank Deposits! from client within United States and send it by instant payment sistem such as (!!! SPELLING !!!) Western Union. You will receive 5% of processed amount.
4) You do not spend your own money and there are no start-up fees. All charges for withdrawal or transferring the money will be deducted from the payment.
5) To start work with us you must only have basic checking account at any bank. Your financial information will never be disclosed to third parties.
6) You can work 2-3 hours per day.
7) This is not insurance sales position and you don’t need to sell insurance, this is Money Transfer Assistant vacancy.
8) Your education and status don’t matter.
9) We do not ask any personal information and we run business according to laws of the United States of America.



Now I will explain the details of this job.

1) An ACH or Wire transfer will be made to your bank account from our client. I’ll let you know it’s exact transfer amount and date.
2) You should receive the transfer and send me the confirmation that you’ve received it. Then you’ll have to cash out this transfer at your bank.
3) Then you’ll have to sent the money you took from you bank account via Western Union. I’ll let you know all the necessary information on this transfer(the name of person who will receive the money and destination city/country). 4) Then you should send an email to me to confirm the Western Union transfer is sent. This email should include sender’s name, name of the city the transfer has been sent from, exact Western Union transfer amount, and Western Union MTCN (it’s essential for receiving the money).
5) We communicate with our agents mainly by e-mail, but we will also communicate by phone (if your e-mail is not available). It is your responsibility to check your e-mail daily and inform us about any change in your contact information. Supporting communication is your top-priority obligation.
6) The fixed monthly salary which is 2000 usd will be sent to you by direct deposit after 30 day period from first transfer.

Let’s see how it works. For example, 2000 usd have been transferred to your account. The amount you’ll receive for each transfer is 5% from the initial payment to your bank account. 5% from 2000 usd is 100 usd so you’ll have to send 1900 usd via Western Union. Western Union fee(it’s about 100 usd) should be deducted from 1900 usd.
Please ask me with more questions or just let me know you’re ready to get started.

We do not need access to your bank accounts. This is information that you can see at any check and only let us to send ACH and Wire transfers to this accounts. ACH and Wiretransfers can be recalled!!! WATCH OUT!!!

Note: Actions depicted below, are authorized by Our Company, and therefore sustain legitimacy status. Our venerable organization doesn’t condone or incite improper or out of border incentives, which may contradict to federal law.



To apply, simply send a reply to our support department at hiringmanagerpic18@gmail.com . 

We value your response and feedback.

Julie Mathews. HR department.



ID 4595832842


Dacula, GA – April 26, 2009

The job ad below was in todays Atlanta Journal Constitution Sunday News Paper’s Classified Job Section.


Alleged Fraudulent Job Offer by IKEA Limited

Alleged Fraudulent Job Offer by IKEA Limited



Today I have seen the ad on the left in the AJC Classified Job Section.

This ad just screams SCAM!!! FRAUD!!!

Unfortunately I have no way of verifying the validity of this ad, since I am not able to find a corporate e-mail address for IKEA.


The parts that scream FRAUD to me are:

  • Deduct 10% which will be your Commission … !!! Which legitimate organization leaves it up to their reps to pay themselves?
  • remit balance to us via Western Union/MoneyGram!!  SCAM FRAUD
  • Payments are received via cashiers checks …. !!!  Looks like Fraud. Who pays in times of debit/credit card still with cashier check?  Check is most likely fake/counterfit.
  • UK telephone number !!!  
  • Email address is not an IKEA email address but a public email account @rocketmail.com – A legitimate company would have a email address that has a true company registered domain name.

 This ad just stinks to the sky and I would like to warn everybody about this potential scam.



I checked on via Google and there is a company in the UK called IKEA Limited. They don’t seem to be associated with IKEA itself.  I do not know whether this company is real and second, whether this ad is really associated with IKEA Limited















Dacula, GA – April 23, 2009

I received recently the e-mail below through Careerbuilder.com. I am fairly certain that this email is a Scam and I would like to warn everybody not to fall victim to such scams.

The whole job description looks ok, but the one bullet point (highlighted in red) that indicates that this is a scam is the demand to process payments through your existing bank account. No reputable company would make such demands. Most likely what will happen: You will receive a (fake) check and be asked to deposit the check into your account. In return you have to send them a money/wire transfer for the amount.

By the time your bank realizes that the check you had deposited is fake you have sent them already the money. This means the bank will void your deposit and you will be out of the money you wired to this fake organization, which most likely has an off-shore address.





Your Career Builder Resume

Dear Candidate,

After viewing your resume on Careerbuilder.com, we have decided to contact you regarding an offer for a well paid job. We are looking for a Financial Representative in the US.

The Financial Representative will work closely with our Financial Department to manage and process payment orders (checks) and to serve as the key conduit for those requirements.

You will perform transfers for funds received as payments (from out clients) and support the company’s financial transactions by assisting with good communication skills and financial records.

·       Duties will include light book keeping, invoicing, filing, data entry
and document control

·       Representative will be tasked to receiving payments via Bank Checks, processing these transactions and keep records as well as making the necessary money transfers

·       Opportunity to work at home: maximum 2 hours each business day


  • Knowledge to scan and print documents
  • Attention to detail and organized, with good communication skills both verbal and written
  • US citizen or permanent residence/green card holder
  • You will need to have an existing US bank account for processing the payments
  • No criminal record


  • Work at home
  • Attractive bonuses and commissions with each order
  • Nothing to sale and no contact with our clients

Salary and commissions

  • Guaranteed commissions totaling up to $5,500.00 every month + $1,000.00 basis monthly salary
  • Commission: 10% from every processed order that you will receive upon cashing a check

If you would like to work for us, reply to this e-mail with the subject:

“I am interested”

You are receiving this employment opportunity email because you uploaded your resume on CareerBuilder.

If your employment status has changed or you no longer wish to receive these emails, you can update your privacy and communication preferences from your resume by logging onto CareerBuilder.com:

Or you can Block this employer from viewing your resume and sending you candidate emails.

This email was sent from Account ID A3E4D989PCZ9VZ016HR and by this logged in User U7F7VR64KVR0923HT3K

You are currently subscribed to receive “CareerBuilder.com Customer Messages”.
You can
modify your account info or unsubscribe from this email at any time.
You can also
unsubscribe from all CareerBuilder communications.



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