Green Data Center

Green Data Center and Carbon Foot Print seem to be hot topics these days. green_tree1

But what does this all mean? No question there are many different opinions what it means to have a “Green Data Center”. Just perform a search on the term “Green Data Center” on Google and, as of this date, it returns about 19,900,000 (nineteen million nine hundred thousand) hits.

It would be almost impossible to define a list of “What makes a Data Center Green”, since it depends on the organization and its operation. But one is certain, one important item of making a data center green is reducing power consumption and any organization that operates multiple data centers has a great potential to save money by consolidating some of its various data centers. Whether is is through server virtualization or managing data center power consumption.

The EPA estimates that a typical enterprise data center had a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) metric) of 2.0, which means for every watt of IT Power used another watt is used to cool and distribute power. The most ideal PUE would be a PUE = 1.0, but any value <2.0 equals already an improvement. The EPA estimates that through equipment efficiency improvements alone, with current practices, the the average data center could result by 2011 in a PUE of 1.9.

Certainly I could go on at this point on what is involved in becoming “Green” but at this time I would like to get the experience of my fellow peers on how they plan to operate a “Green Data Center”, there means on how to get there and how this whole effort is perceived and supported by peers, colleagues and executive management within their organization.

A valuable resource on this topic can be found at “The Green Grid“, a not-for-profit organization.  The Green Grid is a global consortium dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in data centers and business computing ecosystems.

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