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VoIP . . . you have heard about Voice over IP and that it is supposed to be the greatest and latest. But do you understand what it actually means.

IP stands for Internet Protocol. So one can safely assume VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol”. We all know what the Internet is, since it has become embedded in the daily life of most of us.

If you would like to know more over what VoIP is and what it can do I suggest the following links to read up more on VoIP:

When it comes to VoIP for business use , it becomes more complex and I am planning to have a separate blog on this at a later time.

Now you know what VoIP in a very general term means, but do you know now what it actually does and how you can benefit from IT. For the average home and small business user there is technology available like:

  • Skype: Skype allows you to make telephone calls for free to any Skype User anywhere in the world for free, using your computer and a microphone and headset/speaker. If you would like to call somebody on a landline or on a cell phone you can sign up for a pre-paid account to make this call to a very low rate, usually lower than would you would get from your local telephone company.
  • MagicJack : MagicJack is the latest technology that hit the market. MagicJack is a little USB device that plugs into your computer. Upon first install as small software add-on will be installed. You then can select from a list of telephone number in your area. Unfortunately MJ does not offer local telephone numbers for all areas at this time. With MJ you do not have to abandon your regular telephone. Magic Jack allows you to plug in a standard
    MagicJack USB

    MagicJack USB

    home phone with a standard RJ11 plug into its device and then use this telephone to make and receive all of your calls and it all goes through your computer. You can sign up for 911 service through your Magic Jack account. I have been using Magic Jack since June 2008 and I have to admit it has its pros and cons. One thing I learned for instance that when using my standard phone on Magic Jack and dialing the call from the phone it may or may not go through, since the software seems not to be  able to recognize all dialed numbers at all times. Usually if there are repetitive digits within a number, like when dialing an international call like 011497119… it frequently would drop one of the sequential digits and it would dial 0149719, causing the call not to go through. I was able to get around this by making my call from the on-screen Magic Jack Dialer. Also, I had some call quality issues, where the call was either breaking up (like in a bad cell phone connection) or there was lots of static on the call (especially oversea calls). But this was more in the beginning. I think they were signing on more subscribers than their hardware could handle. I have not had call quality issues anymore in recent times, which allows me to assume that they have upgraded their infrastructure. There is a small up-front cost to acquire the Magic Jack and you pay a very low yearly renewal fee.

  • Vonage Unfortunately at this time I am not to familiar with Vonage, since I have never used it and there for can not speak for it or against it. Please visit the Vonage Website for more information.
  • Then their other programs you also can use to make VoIP calls, like the popular MSN Live Messenger or Yahoo Instand Messenger . It is up to you and depends on your needs and requirements.

There are many other dialer’s available for download, of which some are free and some are not. Some offer great service and some don’t and it is your sole decision which one fits your needs.<br>

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